Social responsibility

Changsha Southern Tantalum and Niobium Co., Ltd. was approved for registration by the Changsha County Administration for Industry and Commerce in August 2000. The company is a high-tech enterprise in Hunan Province specializing in the production of rare metal alloy materials and products such as tantalum, niobium, and tungsten, and is a private limited liability company.

After more than 20 years of rapid development, the company has become the fastest-growing manufacturer in the domestic tantalum niobium deep processing industry. Its main products include tantalum, niobium, tungsten alloy materials, as well as ingots, rods, tubes, plates, strips, foils, wires, targets, crucibles, and other non-standard products, with an annual processing capacity of over 200 tons. It is the largest tantalum niobium deep processing production enterprise in China, with leading production technology and the largest export volume of products in the country.

The company has carried out social responsibility education, enhancing the awareness of employees to fulfill their social responsibilities and participate in social public welfare undertakings. The company has made multiple donations to various units such as the Changsha Red Cross, Changsha County Charity Association, and Changsha County Huangxing Middle School. In May 2022, it was included in the "Changsha Second (2021) Changsha Charity List Unit Donation List" by the Changsha Charity Affairs Center.

The following is an introduction in six parts:

1. In terms of safety production

Since participating in the creation activity, our company has established a safety production leadership group led by General Manager Jiang Kunlin, dedicated to strengthening leadership in safety production. The company has established a three-level safety production responsibility system, achieving the goal of hierarchical supervision and accountability to individuals. In addition, efforts have been made to increase the intensity of safety production training and the frequency of inspections. A total of 62 hours of safety production knowledge training were conducted throughout the year, with 100% of participants. Four issues of safety production columns were published throughout the year. Through training and promotion of safety production knowledge, the safety production awareness of all employees was greatly improved. Through inspection and supervision, some signs of safety production accidents were promptly stopped, and no major safety production accidents occurred throughout the year.

2. In terms of environmental protection

Our company attaches great importance to environmental protection, has established strict environmental regulations and is committed to improving the environmental awareness of employees. We have conducted 4 hours of environmental training to ensure that employees understand and comply with environmental regulations and policies. In terms of pollution control, we strictly comply with relevant regulations and have met the emission requirements in all previous pollution sampling inspections conducted by the county environmental protection bureau, with no occurrence of excessive emissions. We pay the pollution discharge fees on time to ensure that our actions comply with policy requirements. In addition, the company did not experience any environmental pollution accidents throughout the year, indicating our emphasis on environmental protection and the effectiveness of management. We will continue to maintain a high level of attention and take necessary measures to ensure that our activities do not have adverse effects on the environment.

3. In terms of labor and employment

The company strictly abides by the Labor Law and signs the Collective Negotiation Agreement on Enterprise Wages with the labor union on time every year to ensure that the average annual salary of employees increases by more than 5%. At the same time, the company signs a labor contract with each employee and pays the five insurances on time to protect their rights and benefits. The annual turnover rate of employees has remained below 3%, and there have been no arbitration or labor disputes that violate labor laws throughout the year.

4. In terms of production and operation

Our company attaches great importance to technological innovation and actively invests a large amount of resources in the research and development of new products that meet market demand, ensuring that our production and operation have maintained a good momentum of both production and sales. Despite facing sluggish international and domestic sales markets this year, our company still achieved a 20% growth in total sales, reaching 472 million yuan. This kind of performance that achieves growth in adversity is very rare, fully reflecting the company's core competitiveness and market adaptability.

5. In terms of ethics and public responsibility

Our company is committed to promoting socialist ideological and moral concepts, emphasizing legal education, and expecting employees to abide by the law and discipline. At the same time, we actively promote the contributions of outstanding employees and emphasize the leadership spirit of job dedication and selfless dedication. Our company has specially organized a legal and regulatory training course, and the employee participation rate has reached 100%. Through this training, employees will be more conscious of complying with national laws and regulations, without any illegal or irregular incidents or personnel, while strengthening their sense of social responsibility and mission. In September 2022, due to drought in various parts of Hunan Province, our company took the initiative to contact the village branch of Dagualing Village and proposed to pump water from the Liuyang River to irrigate the farmland of the villagers. With the support and cooperation of the village branch, we irrigated more than 600 acres of farmland for the four production teams of Dagualing Village, truly achieving the goal of relieving worries and difficulties for the people. Our company is committed to poverty alleviation and assistance, and good people and good deeds continue to emerge. For example, the hygiene environment in public areas has been actively cleaned by employees, and public facilities have also been independently maintained and repaired by employees. In the past year, our company has donated 224000 yuan to aid students, including 100000 yuan for Huangxing Middle School, 50000 yuan for Huangxing Central Primary School, 50000 yuan for Huangxing Shuangqiao Primary School, and 24000 yuan for college student Tang Luwei. Our company has not punished any employees for their illegal or irregular behavior, demonstrating their high level of discipline and good social image.

6. In terms of technological innovation

Our company has always placed technological innovation in a highly important position and regards it as the core force driving the development of the enterprise. Therefore, we actively encourage employees to explore new research fields and be brave enough to innovate. So far, we have obtained two important scientific research achievements, "New Process for Comprehensive Recycling of Waste Tantalum Capacitor Tantalum Blocks to Produce High Purity Tantalum Ingots" and "Key Technology Research and Development of New Long Efficiency and Low Consumption Copper Core Tantalum Electrodes", which have been recognized by the Hunan Provincial Department of Science and Technology as scientific and technological achievements. We have also received certificates and project funding support from the National Innovation Fund of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Torch Plan Industrialization Demonstration Project. The key technology research and development of high-purity tantalum sputter textured target materials, jointly developed by the company and Central South University, is one of the nine key research tasks of the "13th Five Year Plan" New Materials Industry Development Guidelines released by four national ministries (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology, National Development and Reform Commission, and Ministry of Finance). It has received 4 million yuan in funding support from the Hunan Provincial Department of Science and Technology and the Provincial Economic and Information Commission for the "Strategic Emerging Industry Science and Technology Research Projects in Hunan Province". The above projects have filled the domestic gap and are leading in technology level domestically. The company has obtained seven invention patents, twelve utility model patents, and twelve computer software copyrights, and is a "little giant" enterprise specializing in precision, novelty, and innovation in Hunan Province.