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Tantalum and niobium, also known as tantalum and niobium alloy, is an important metal material, which is composed of two metal elements, tantalum and niobium. Tantalum niobium has excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, widely used in aerospace, chemical, electronics, medical and other fields.

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Material Material Pure tantalum, tantalum 2.5 tungsten tube, tantalum 10 tungsten tube, niobium tube, niobium zirconium tube, tantalum niobium alloy tube
Pure Ta àTa2.5W orTa10W or NbZr alloy àTaNb alloy
Outer diameter Diameter Φ1.0-Φ200mm
wall thickness Thickness 0.2-20mm
Length 5-12000mm
Implementation of standard Standard PED Standard/ASTM Standard/GB/T Chinese Standards
NDT Testing Water pressure, eddy current, helium inspection
Hydrostatic Test / Eddy Current Test / Eliium Leak Test
Destructive Testing Destructive Testing Flattening, flaring, high and low temperature stretching
Flattening / Flare / High&Low Temperature Tensile testing
Tolerance on Wall thickness ± 5% industry-leading level
±5% leading level in the Tantalum seamless tubing industry


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