Properties and Uses of Tantalum and Niobium

Tantalum (Ta) and niobium (Nb) are rare metals with high melting point (tantalum 2996 ℃, niobium 2468 ℃) and high boiling point (tantalum 5427 ℃, niobium 5127 ℃). The density of tantalum is 16.65g/cm³; The density of niobium is 8.57g/cm³. The appearance is like steel, gray white luster, powder is dark gray, with suction, corrosion resistance, superconductivity, unipolar conductivity and high strength at high temperature.
At present, tantalum and niobium new materials are used in high-tech industries, including electronics, precision ceramics and precision glass industry; electro-acoustic optical devices; hard alloy, aerospace and electronic energy industry; biomedical engineering; superconducting industry; special steel and other industries.
Tantalum and niobium in the electronics industry, chemical industry, special alloys and vacuum technology, cutting-edge technology has a very important position. In the electronics industry, electrolytic capacitors made of tantalum metal have outstanding characteristics such as large capacitance, small leakage current, good stability, high reliability, good withstand voltage, long life, and small size. Tantalum is also widely used in national defense, aviation, aerospace, electronic computers, high-grade civil electrical appliances and electronic circuits of various electronic instruments. In the metallurgical industry, tantalum and niobium are mainly used as additives for producing high-strength alloy steels, improving the properties of various alloys and making superhard tools.